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Re-Introducing the latest release by Clif Droke...  

New Concepts in Support & Resistance  

Published by Publishing Concepts/ClifDroke.com  

Back by demand, the classic text on support and resistance techniques for predicting tops and bottoms in the stock and commodities markets, as well as forecasting price movements. The book "New Concepts in Support & Resistance," originally published in 2000, integrates more classical approaches of support and resistance analysis with new and exciting discoveries of stock and commodity price chart analysis.

Starting with some original observations and discoveries of the pastmasters R.W. Schabacker, Edward & Magee, W.D. Gann, and P.Q. Wall, "New Concepts in Support & Resistance adds the added dimension of Clif Droke's own discoveries of this extremely important technical concept. Also included is an in-depth and detailed discussion of Parabolic Analysis and how to do it for maximum profits in your trading.

Chapters include:

  • Classical Support and Resistance
  • Trendlines and Channels
  • The Fan Principle
  • Parabolic Analysis
  • Volume Support and Resistance
  • Price Equilibrium Studies
  • Chart Symmetry

The book is richly illustrated with dozens of chart examples, including step-by-step instruction for each of the techniques revealed. Each book also comes with a copy of the article, "The New Science of Parabolic Analysis," published in the Bridge Trader magazine some years ago at the time of the original release of this book. This article incorporates the discoveries made in "New Concepts in Support & Resistance" with special emphasis on parabolic chart analysis and cycle analysis.

"New Concepts in Support & Resistance" is 144 pages in length, trade paperback, and is signed by the author. Order your copy today at this special discount rate while supplies last!

Only $22.95 plus shipping.

New Concepts in Support & Resistance  
by Clif Droke

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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signed by Clif Droke!