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Introducing the latest book by Clif Droke...

Durban Deep: Past, Present, & Future  

Published by Publishing Concepts/ClifDroke.com  

The South African mining shares have the distinction of being leaders in major gold stock bull markets due to their sensitivity to the price of gold and overall investment/political climate as it related to the yellow metal. And a leader among this pack, DRDGold (a.k.a., Durban Roodepoort Deep), has been a leading indicator for the XAU at major pivotal turning points over the last several years, and this is true in varying degrees with other South African mining shares as well.

In their book "How You Can Profit From Gold," authors James Sinclair and Harry Schultz offer the following assessment of the SA mining stocks:

"South African gold shares have always possessed a degree of sensitivity to the price performance of gold bullion. The connection is clear. The investor reasons correctly enough that high gold prices will be reflected in higher earnings and dividends by the mines, assuming consistent production schedules."

These authors also point out that the SA gold shares have a wide international following which makes them highly liquid and attractive as not only investment vehicles for riding precious metals bull markets, but also for short-term trading purposes.

Durban Deep has been a big winner for my subscribers for years and has provided an excellent vehicle for profiting from its price movements from day trading, swing trading, and intermediate-term time frames. As the writer/forecaster of the daily Durban Deep/XAU Report since 2002, I can heartily attest to Durban's consistency as an excellent trader among the actively traded gold shares.

But what few traders realize is that Durban Deep ­ aside from being an excellent short-term trading vehicle ­ has reliable seasonal and cyclical tendencies that may be exploited for traders of all time frames. The seasonals and cycles are revealed in my new book, "Durban Deep: Past, Present & Future."

This in-depth trader's and investor's guide for Durban Deep (symbol DROOY) equips you with the most vital micro-term, short-term, and intermediate-term cycles plus a host of other valuable information essential for trading in DROOY. Among the book's contents:

  • The 13-week and 17-week cycles for DROOY ­ how to identify and profit from them.
  • The 3-day trading cycle for DROOY ­ a complete 2-year calendar and how to use it for day trading and swing trading.
  • Seasonal and monthly tendencies for DROOY including a historical overview of DROOY's past performance during different conditions over the years.
  • A complete moving average trading method for trading Durban Deep. Learn which moving averages are best for spotting turnarounds after DROOY has been in decline; also, which moving averages are best for spotting tops and for underscoring trends. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book!
  • Which technical indicators are best to use for trading in DROOY?
  • Complete financial background and investor information on Durban Deep the company.
  • Future outlook for Durban Deep and the South African gold mines.

This trader's/investor's guide is for anyone who is serious about Durban Deep and is the product of many years research, experience and labor. Order your copy today for only $31.95 (plus shipping) and reap the rewards that Durban Roodepoort Deep can offer you.

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Durban Deep: Past, Present, & Future  
by Clif Droke
Published August 2005

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

Price: Now $31.95 + $2.50 USA (US Mail)
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signed by Clif Droke!