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Nov 25, 2002

Stock Trading with Moving Averages

Hot off the press, Stock Trading with Moving Averages by Clif Droke brings moving averages to life in a way few others have. This new volume covers the moving averages trading method from start to finish, building a solid foundation using the most basic moving averages (MA) concepts to advanced techniques. These methods can be applied for day-trading or for position traders of individual stocks.

Included are chapters explaining the 20-day/40-day MA technique, the 30-day/60-day MA method, and the 50-day/100-day MA tactic. Scores of actual stock chart examples provided showing how each moving average series gives reliable entry/exit timing signals and even useful stop-loss levels.

An in-depth follow-up to Droke's best-seller, Moving Averages Simplified, this book is must-reading for chart readers, technical traders, or for those wanting to learn more about the many important uses of the best of all technical tools - the moving average!

Inside Preview: Could the infamous Worldcomm fiasco, which demolished countless stock portfolios, been averted by using moving averages? Find out by reading Stock Trading with Moving Averages!

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Stock Trading with Moving Averages
by Clif Droke
Published Dec 2002

Publisher: Publishing Concepts
ISBN: 0971785228

Price: $24.95 + $2.65 USA (US Domestic)
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