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Moving Averages Simplified (Now $19.95)

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and I give it FOUR STARS! Even as a veteran, I learned new techniques I want to begin applying myself. In addition, the clear examples and straightforward writing style really bring moving averages, a very important tool for all traders, to life. His simplified approach to this topic is simply outstanding." -Ed Downs, Creator of OmniTrader, Founder of Nirvana Systems, Inc., Author of "7 Chart Patterns that Consistently Make Money."

"I'm over halfway through Moving Averages Simplified and am enjoying and benefitting from it immensely.  Thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I feel as if a blindfold has been removed from my eyes.... now I have a glimmering of how important it is to know your entry and exit point, and thanks to you Im learning a means to help determine when to trade." ­MS 
Your book "Moving Averages Simplified" has become my "bible" of late, as I have re-read it many times over the past few months.  It has greatly helped improve my trading. ­TF
I am relatively new trader (less than a year trading).  I bought your book Moving Averages Simplified" and I definitely know a lot more than I did, which I want to thank you for. ­GF
 ...you were the one who supercharged my charting with your moving average book ["Stock Trading with Moving Averages"] and your constant analysis of the 30/60/90s [moving averages] and the 20 /40s, etc. ­JH

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Moving Averages Simplified (Reduced from 29.95)

Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1883272661

Price: $19.95 + $2.65 USA (USA Domestic)
Price: $19.95 + $4.95 USA (Priority Mail)
Price: $19.95 + $11.95 Canada (Priority Mail)

Price: $19.95 + $13.95 Worldwide (Priority Mail)

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