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Turnaround Trading & Investing
(Tactics and techniques for spotting winning turnaround stocks)
ISBN 0-9717852-9-5  

Market technician Clif Droke explains the tactics and techniques he uses for spotting winning turnaround stocks. There is no better way to fulfill the old Wall Street adage of "buying low and selling high" than to spot profitable turnaround stocks before they take off, i.e., finding undervalued or "oversold" stocks that reverse higher.

Using his experience as a turnaround expert (e.g., successfully calling the stock market turnarounds of late 2004 and the spring and fall turnarounds of 2005 as well as the gold/silver stock turnarounds of 2005) the author will lead you on the path to profitable turnaround trading. Actual examples of his winning turnaround trades from past years are given (as originally profiled in the Momentum Strategies Report and Gold Strategies Review newsletters) along with detailed instructions on how to apply the turnaround approach to stock picking.

Turnaround trading has been called by one turnaround expert the "anti-momentum" approach to stock trading. While this is true in one sense, in another it is misleading. For a successful turnaround trade involves the reversal of momentum and being able to accurately isolate and identify these "momentum" candidates is one of the major tenants of the turnaround trading method. Clif Droke will show you how it's done.

Here are the contents for Turnaround Stock Trading & Investing:

Chapter 1: The Lost Art of Turnaround Trading
Chapter 2: The Importance of Yields in Selecting Turnarounds
Chapter 3: Studies in Fear and Greed (Contrarian Headline Analysis)
Chapter 4: How to Use the "Channel Buster" for Spotting Turnarounds
Chapter 5: The 30/60/90-day Moving Average Method for Turnaround Trading
Chapter 6: The Techno-Fundamental Method for Spotting Turnarounds

Appendix 1: Turnaround Checklist
Appendix 2: The Best Moving Average Series for the Near Term

In this book you will also...

* Spot turnaround candidates using the highly profitable positive divergence method.

* Use overbought/oversold internal readings to determine optimum buying opportunities.

* Use fundamentals to determine if a stock is a worthy turnaround candidate.

* Discover which fundamental tools work best in turnaround trading.

* Examine profiles in past turnarounds as the turnaround was taking place (these examples were taken from Clif's newsletters as recommended turnaround trades). See what technical/fundmaental signals were used to spot the turnaround and determine the best time for taking profits.

* Delve deeper into stock profiles by examining broad economic issue, industry specific issues, company specific issues, legal issues and balance sheet issues.

* Learn how to use investor psychology and short interest to determine ideal turnaround scenarios for individual stocks.

* Learn the best way to use trading channels and moving averages in individual stock charts to spot entry and exit points in turnaround trades.

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Turnaround Trading & Investing
by Clif Droke

Published July 2006

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