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No longer available.

March 1, 2005

Oil & Gas Stock Almanac 2005-2006

The oil and natural gas sector is on fire, and what better way to profit from it than owning shares in the best oil and gas companies! But be careful ­ only the best informed traders and investors will be able to maximize profits in this sector. That's why we're making available an invaluable resource to help you cash in on the enormous growth and profit potential of the oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas Stock Almanac will take you through the most important and often overlooked aspects of the oil and gas market and will help you to identify the best companies and the best times for buying and selling them. Helpful guides for trading oil and gas futures are also included.

The almanac contains intelligence on the seasonal and cyclical tendencies of the market as well as fool-proof guidelines for picking the best oil and gas stocks to trade and invest in.

This year's almanac examines:

  • The best times of the year for buying and selling
  • A daily cycle guide for trading the Amex Oil Stock Index (XOI)
  • A look at the highest-yielding oil and gas sharesas well as how yields can help you identify market turning points.
  • Fundamental and technical outlook for the petroleum sectors in the year ahead.
  • The major developments of the past year in the oil market.

Plus a lengthy section examining individual oil and gas companies and their outlook for the year ahead.

With the longer-term fundamentals firmly in place for an extended bull market in oil, can you afford to miss out on the many exciting short-term and long-term opportunities that the oil and gas sector provides you as an individual trader/investor? Order your Oil & Gas Stock Almanac 2005-2006 today and take advantage of this rewarding sector!

Only $24.95 plus shipping. And each copy is personally signed by the author.

Oil & Gas Stock Almanac 2005-2006 - No longer available.
by Clif Droke
Published March 2005

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

Price: Now $24.95 + $2.50 USA (US Mail)
Price: Now $24.95 + $7 Canada (Express Mail)
Price: Now $24.95 + $9 Worldwide (Express Mail)

signed by Clif Droke!