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Mastering Moving Averages
140 pages, by Clif Droke
ISBN# 978-0-9792572-6-3

With a 5-year recovery in the stock market in full swing, there are several fantastic opportunities for capturing profits and maximizing gains in this arena. Yet a common complaint is that small-to-medium sized traders have a hard time knowing when to buy, when to sell, and when to take profits. It doesn't help matters that so many pundits dispense conflicting advice in the financial media. This amounts to "analysis into paralysis" and results in the typical investor being unable to "pull the trigger" on a trade when the right time comes to buy.

For that reason, many traders and investors are looking for a reliable and easy-to-follow system for participating in the stock market. They want a system that allows them to enter without guesswork and one that gets them out at the appropriate time and without any undue risks. They also want a system that automatically takes profits at precise points along the way while adjusting the stop loss continuously so as to lock in gains and minimize potential losses from whipsaws.

In my latest book, "Mastering Moving Averages," I remove the mystique behind stock and ETF trading and reveal a completely simple and reliable system that allows retail traders to profit from both up and down moves in the market. It's the same system that I use for successfully timing stocks and ETFs in the Momentum Strategies Report  the same system which has consistently generated profits for my subscribers and has kept them on the correct side of the stock market for years. You won't find a more straight-forward and easy-to-follow system that actually works than the one explained in "Mastering Moving Averages."

The moving average is one of the most versatile of all trading tools and should be a part of every investor's arsenal. A moving average is far more than a simple trend line. It's a dynamic momentum indicator as well as a means of identifying support and resistance across variable time frames. It can also be used in place of an overbought/oversold oscillator when used in relationship to the price of the stock or ETF you're trading in. Each of these important concepts is examined in depth in this book.

The methods revealed in "Mastering Moving Averages" are the product of several years of research and real time market trading/testing. It also contains the benefit of my 17 years worth of experience as a professional in the equity market. The trading techniques discussed in the book have been carefully calibrated to match today's fast-moving and sometimes volatile market environment. You won't find a more timely and useful book than this for capturing profits in today's market.

Here are the contents for Mastering Moving Averages:

Introduction: ........................................   1
Ch. 1:  The Basics of Moving Averages.................   3
Ch. 2:  Making Moving Averages Work for You...........   9
Ch. 3:  Trend Trading with Moving Averages............  17
Ch. 4:  A Moving Average Method for ETF Trading.......  23
Ch. 5:  Using MAs to Sell Short the Gold ETF..........  53
Ch. 6:  Intermediate-Term Trading with MAs............  65
Ch. 7:  Investing with Long-Term MAs..................  79
Ch. 8:  Measuring Stock Market Internal Strength......  55
Ch. 9:  The XAU and the 200-Day MA....................  93
Appendix 1: Wall Street Wisdom........................  97
Appendix 2: W.D. Ganns 28 Trading Rules............... 109
Appendix 3: Dictionary of Technical Terms............. 113
Select Bibliography................................... 136

In this book you will also...

  • Learn the most reliable moving averages for consistently profitable executing short-term trades.
  • Initiate high-probability trades using this little-known moving average crossover technique.
  • Discover how to determine the critical "up" and "down" phases of stocks according to three key moving averages and when they should be used for trading signals.
  • Learn the best moving averages to use for stop-loss placement.
  • Discover how to use this quick and easy market timing indicator for determining whether or not a moving average "buy" signal is likely to pan out.
  • Learn to use moving average momentum analysis for maximum profits in good years and bad.
  • The best techniques for selling short using a moving average system as an entry and exit guide.
  • ...and much, much more!

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Mastering Moving Averages  
by Clif Droke

Published October 2014

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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