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This book is now no longer available.

Junior Mining Stock Yearbook 2005-2006

Published April 2005

Hot off the press, Junior Mining Stock Yearbook 2005-2006 by Clif Droke provides a thorough overview of the red-hot junior resource sector. The latest Yearbook provides intermediate-term and long-term investment ratings on nearly 100 junior mining stocks. Important price pivots and trend lines for each stock are also shown and extrapolated into 2006.

Among the contents of this year's Junior Mining Stock Yearbook:

· What will the year ahead unfold for the junior mining sector?

· How to spot "winners" among junior mining shares using the best charting tools and techniques

· How to pick the best junior mining companies through fundamental analysis

· The best time to buy junior mining stocks

· The best moving averages to use for junior mining stock trading

· Why there is still life left in the junior mining sector and why they will likely lead the way up next time around

· How you can get in on the ground floor of the best mining stocks

· Chart overview and technical rating of over 100 junior mining shares

The 2005-2006 Junior Mining Stock Yearbook is 132 pages and only $16.95 (plus shipping). Order your copy today!

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Junior Mining Stock Yearbook 2005-2006
by Clif Droke

Published April 2005

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