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"America's Housing Bubble ­ The Real Estate Outlook for 2006-2012"  

Real estate is the single most dominating subject in today's headlines. Getting through a day without hearing the excited talk of soaring real estate prices and the incessant speculation of when the boom might finally end is nearly an impossibility. And for good reason. Check out the latest front-page news headline that made newspapers across the country recently:

New home sales hit a fresh record April

New single-family unit sales up 0.2 percent

"WASHINGTON - Sales of new U.S. homes rose unexpectedly in April, climbing 0.2 percent to a fresh record, a government report showed on Wednesday.

"The Commerce Department said new single-family home sales rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.316 million units, a new record, from a downwardly revised 1.313 million rate in March.

"Wall Street analysts had expected April sales to decline 0.1 percent to a 1.350 million rate, from the previously reported 1.431 million pace. Deep revisions cut the March sales rise to 4.5 percent from the first-announced 12.2 percent jump.

"Sales surged 37.2 percent in the Northeast, reversing a 4.9 percent fall in March, and the West recorded a 2.8 percent sales pickup. The South and Midwest both saw sales cool in April, falling 5.3 percent and 0.5 percent respectively."

So there you have it ­ yet another reason for the runaway housing bull market to continue...or could this be a case of the best news coming out at the top? Have we in fact seen a peak in housing and real estate prices? Or is the best still to come? You'll find as many answers to these questions as there are opinions.

What can we expect from the real estate sector for the remaining part of this year and in 2006-2009 and beyond? These are the questions that everyone is asking and they are answered in depth in the new book "America's Housing Bubble (The Real Estate Outlook for 2006-2012").

Following is the table of contents:

Ch. 1: The Coming 2009-2012 Real Estate Crash and How You Can Protect Yourself From It

Ch. 2: The Scope & Depth of the Real Estate Bubble

Ch. 3: Anatomy of a Real Estate Crash

Ch. 4: Will Real Estate Return to Earth in 2006?

Ch. 5: A Slowdown in the Homebuilding Sector?

Ch. 6: Interest Rates, China, and Real Estate

Ch. 7: Rent Now, Buy Later

Ch. 8: Real Estate Bubbles ­ Who Creates Them?

Ch. 9: When Will the Real Estate Bubble Pop?

Ch. 10: Taxes, Fuel, and Real Estate

Ch. 11: Real Estate Horror Stories

Ch. 12: A Fragile Real Estate Market?

Appendix 1: Why Hasn't "IT" Happened Yet?

Appendix 2: Questions & Answers

The book is 140 pages and the product of two years of research and writing. The chapter that discusses each one of the dominant financial and economic cycles and their inter-relation to real estate (and the implication for the coming years) alone is worth the price of the book! Order your copy today! (Special discount price available only through ClifDroke.com of only $19.95 plus shipping).

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"America's Housing Bubble ­ The Real Estate Outlook for 2006-2012"  
by Clif Droke
Published June 2005

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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