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January 5, 2005

Gold Stock Almanac 2005

This year's almanac contains useful information for active gold and gold stock traders. The past year in gold stocks was a prosperous one for the precious metals sector...what can we expect from the year ahead? In this year's Gold Stock Almanac we try to answer that question and more!

Among this year's contents:

  • What do the charts and cycles say for 2005 in gold?
  • What are the key support/resistance levels for the yellow metal in the months ahead, including the XAU and HUI gold stock indices?
  • An in-depth look at some of the most useful intermediate- and longer-term moving averages for trading and investing in gold and gold stocks, including some ones overlooked by mainstream analysts.
  • Technical overview of dozens of actively traded gold stocks, including important trading levels and "channel buster" analysis for overbought/oversold trading opportunities.
  • A look back at 2004 in gold and at some of the key happenings.
  • Seasonal charts and tendencies for the months ahead for gold.
  • Complete 3-day trading cycle calendar for gold stock traders.  

This year's Gold Stock Almanac is expected to weight in at around 130 pages and is sure to top the previous two year's almanacs, both of which were well received.

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Gold Stock Almanac 2005 - Was $24.95, now $16.95!
by Clif Droke
Published January 2005

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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