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2014: America’s Date With Destiny 
170 pages, by Clif Droke
ISBN# 978-0-9792572-3-9

Published by Publishing Concepts/ClifDroke.com  

Take a journey into the future with author and analyst Clif Droke and discover what the future may unfold in the fateful period leading up to – and following – the 120-year cycle bottom in late 2014.

Picking up where he left off in his previous work, The Stock Market Cycles, Droke expands on the Kress cycle narrative and explains how the 120-year Mega cycle influences the market, the economy and other aspects of American life and culture. His latest book, 2014: America’s Date With Destiny, examines the most vital issues facing America and the global economy in the 2-3 years ahead.

In this book Droke will lead you through an examination of the most likely outcomes of the final “hard down” years of the Mega cycle. As the author puts it, “These are the years that will try America’s soul and test its abiding belief in personal liberty. How America responds to the coming challenges between now and 2014 will ultimately determine the country’s long-term economic, social, and political future.”

After narrowly surviving the horrendous credit crash of 2008, Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief and assumed the storm had passed. Many individuals and business owners have even begun large scale building projects and investment activities in anticipation of a return to normalcy. But Droke maintains that such hopes are likely to meet with grave disappointment.

His new book explains that the credit crisis of 2008 was merely the prelude in an intensifying global credit storm. If the basis for his prediction – namely the long-term Kress cycles – continue true to form, the worst part of the crisis still lies ahead.

In this book you will also...

  • Take a trip through the cosmos as we explore the possible roots of the cycles which influence our financial destiny.

  • See why hedge funds are destabilizing the financial system and economy and learn how funds will be major contributors to the coming deflationary storm of 2014.

  • Discover how “greedflation” – a tool oligopolies use to manipulate the economy – will backfire and produce unintended deflationary results heading into 2014.

  • Find out whether gold will continue to offer superior asset protection in 2013-2014 as the 120-year cycle bottoms.

  • Learn how the expanding global debt crisis will eventually be solved using history as our guide.

  • Find out which cycles will contribute the most to the anticipated hard times ahead beginning in 2013.

  • Discover the most likely time frame for the next major war involving the United States.

    …and much, much more!

    Here are the contents for 2014: America’s Date With Destiny

    Ch. 1: The Cycles That Matter Most
    Ch. 2: The Motive Force Behind the Cycles
    Ch. 3: Baby Boomers, Generation X,
    and Social Cycles
    Ch. 4: Hedge Funds: The New Weapons
    of Mass Destruction
    Ch. 5: Greedflation
    Ch. 6: The Coming China Super Crisis
    Ch. 7: Will Gold Prosper in 2014 and Beyond?
    Ch. 8: The War Cycle
    Ch. 9: Real Estate and the 60-Year Cycle
    Ch. 10: Reprieve in 2012, Trouble in 2013-2014
    Ch. 11: The War Between Creditors and Debtors
    Ch. 12: An Ending...and a New Beginning
    Appendix 1: Is the Debt Crisis Unsolvable?
    Appendix 2: The Debt Crisis and the War Cycle
    Appendix 3: The 120-Year Cycle: 1774-2014

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2014: America’s Date With Destiny  
by Clif Droke

Published May 2012

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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