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October 7, 2004

Publishing Concepts and clifdroke.com proudly present

Channel Buster!

How to Trade the Most Profitable Chart Pattern

ISBN 0-9717852-7-9  

In a groundbreaking new book, market technician Clif Droke explains in easy-to-understand language the best-kept secret in technical chart analysis: the Channel Buster!

This extremely profitable and consistently reliable chart pattern shows up with amazing regularity in the charts of actively traded stocks and commodities once you know how to identify it!

The Channel Buster teaches you how to trade with confidence, often going against the grain of investor sentiment, and rewards you with incredible profits time and again. The Channel Buster will have you trading alongside the Wall Street and LaSalle Street professionals without even realizing it. Find out what it is and how it can work for you in this exciting new book!

The Channel Buster was given its name by veteran market technician Don Worden (formerly editor of Worden's Tape Reading Service). Why devote an entire book to this unique trading pattern? Because no other book I've ever read discusses it. The world renowned charting experts Edwards & Magee don't even mention the channel buster in their seminal book on technical analysis. Most market veterans haven't even heard of it, much less the current crop of newcomers to the financial markets. Yet it has proven itself to be one of the most reliable of all chart patterns.

The book "Channel Buster!" contains scores of chart examples of how the Channel Buster pattern can be identified and profitably traded in rising and falling markets. It can also be applied to forecast gold and gold stock prices, among many other stock and commodity markets. This extraordinary advance in technical analysis goes beyond the old-fashioned "Edwards & Magee" understanding of chart reading and brings technical analysis up to date with the 21st Century.

This revolutionary new 132-page soft cover book is available for only $24.95 (plus shipping) and each copy is individually signed by the author. Order your copy today!

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Channel Buster - How to Trade the Most Profitable Chart Pattern
by Clif Droke
Published October 2004

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

Price: $24.95 + $4.25 USA (Priority Mail)
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Price: $24.95 + $9.50 Worldwide (Priority Mail)

signed by Clif Droke!