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Momentum Strategies Report is updated each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and e-mailed to you directly.  It contains forecasts and reviews of the U.S. stock market using Clif Droke's proprietary internal momentum indicators to isolate the best sectors for short- and intermediate-term trading gains.  The individual stocks within these sectors that have the highest profit potential based on chart and other considerations are also reviewed in this report.  Also covered are U.S. real estate market and REIT forecasts and trends, natural resource stocks and general economic trends.  Federal Reserve securities lending trends and momentum indicators (for predicting the general direction of the U.S. equities market) is also covered.

The subscription is $22 to try it for 1 month, $52 for 3 months, $89 for 6 months or $144 a year.

Pay online with your credit card (in real time!) or by sending a check in the mail using our secure payment cart.

You must put a current/valid email address in the shopping cart payment form. The Momentum Strategies Report is also sent to you via email (text version, no charts).

To pay, click one of the radio buttons to choose which subscription you want, and then click the green 'add to cart' button.

1 month 'try it' - Momentum Strategies Report $22
3 months subscription to Momentum Strategies Report $52
6 months subscription to Momentum Strategies Report $89
1 year subscription to Momentum Strategies Report $144

Refund Policy: Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the reports, send an e-mail
requesting a service cancellation. We will then issue a pro-rated refund for the balance of your 6 month or 1 year subscription, which will be credited to your debit or credit card.
Please note that the MSR 1-month trials are non-refundable.